30 June 2013

Bullet Abuse 3,289,122

  • According to one commenter, I am a "hypocriticle fucktard." It's always nice to have ones' efforts noted. AND to have ones' almost-favorite slur used. Though I generally change it to fark, because, why not?

  • It is hot as fark out there, and I willingly went outside. I do not know why. But I do know that days like today make me think a car with a black leather interior was not the greatest of ideas.

  • The heat is supposed to continue through the week, and get worse. We'd considered driving into San Francisco and enjoying the much cooler temps there, but there's a BART strike planned, which means traffic and parking shortages. The nice part of me doesn't want to take a parking space from someone else who really needs it because of the strike, but the bigger part just doesn't want to mess with the traffic.

  • Got to Starbucks this afternoon, and the line was surprisingly long for such a hot day. Within a minute some old lady looked up at me and declared my hair to be funny--I ageed--and very odd. I couldn't exactly dispute that, and she wasn't mean about it, just kind of curious (though I also offered no explanation.) A couple of minutes later a much younger woman approached and asked--no trepidation, either--if I was gay. When I said, "No, I'm not," she was actually disappointed because, "my mom would really dig you."

  • Yes, I was flattered.

  • I sat down and realized my mom has been gone for a little over a month. While I don't tend towards weepy displays, it did dig at me a little. I still really hate the idea of a world without her in it.

  • It's been a hard month, really. From the time she died to now, a couple friends have passed, and the much beloved Skeezix bounded off to the Bridge. I would like it if people would stop dying now. And cats. It hurts when they go, too, especially when they go so young.

  • No, I am not elevating a cat to the same level as a person. While I might refer to Max and Buddah as "my babies" they are not equal to my son. 

  • Man, I really hate it when I get up to use the restroom and someone takes my table. My table! Mine!

  • Honey, if every third word you speak is, "like" I am going to think unkind things as you speak and not be able to focus on what you're actually talking about. And I really hope I don't have a similar verbal tick like that I just don't notice.

  • No, bud, the tattoos didn't hurt. They went on like kitty kisses, but without the fishy breath.

  • OHMYGOD YOU CAN SEE A LITTLE BIT OF MY BRA! Better go wash your eyes before you go blind, dood.

  • I really don't think people realize how their voices carry in here.

  • Okay, guy to the right of me sneezing every other minute. Lady to the left coughing. I think I may take this as a clue to go home where the only cooties are family cooties.

  • After I go to the store. I suspect the Spouse Thingy will want to eat dinner tonight.

  • But ugh. It's already over 100 out there. =sob=


G.G. Mueller said...

First, what is a hypocritical fucktard? I am confused. Second, I love your hair. Third, family cooties are always better. Forth, come join us on the mountain. It is a 104 right now. We made 111 yesterday. The house is still cool at a raging 84 without the A/C. And at night is is a nice 64-5. Lastly, everyone I know and love is not allowed to die. No more. Ever.

G.G. Mueller said...

By everyone I include all the "kids" of whatever species. Just thot I would clarify.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Makes me glad I can't hear, they can say anything they like and I just hear the sound of a voice not the words. Hope the next month goes better for you.

DKM said...

What The Frack? Only I'm allowed to call you a hypocriticle fucktard.

me said...

At least spell hypocritical right if you are going to insult someone. Gee.