15 June 2013

Hard at work at the 'Bux
Next weekend is the 3 Day, and in spite of my current Komen reservations, I'm starting to get excited about it. It means hanging with DKM for 4 days, decorating the van stupid-fun, and meeting a bunch of walkers.

It also means it's time for the dying of the hair, even though I didn't have to fundraise for this one. I like the pink hair, so why the hell not?

And with the dying of the hair comes the inevitable comments from other people. So today I bring you:

Chit I Overheard At Starbucks.

In the parking lot:

Young teenaged boy: Ah, man. I want to do that.
Presumed Dad: Dye your hair pink?
YTB: Yeah. Why not?
PD: Kind of girly.
YTB: Naw. I like the car, too.
PD: Kind of girly.
YTB: I'd get a sex change for that car.
PD: Fine, dye your hair.
They followed me inside...kid was practically bouncing on his toes.

After I ordered:

Lady I don't recognize: Oh, thank God. You don't look right with normal hair.

While I sat at my table:

PD: Yes, I was serious, you can dye your hair.
YTB: I'll do it, you know.
PD: I know.
YTB: pauses You don't think I'm gay, right?
PD: I couldn't care less if you were.
YTB was speechless to that; I had to actually grit my teeth to keep from squealing.

While I surfed Facebook instead of working:

Very young girl, maybe 5 years old: I didn't know old people were allowed to have pink hair!

Not one mean comment so far... I expect them, because a lot of people just don't get it. Or they're simply total douchebags. But so far, so good.

And I hope there's not a law about it....

Time to head home before I anyone calls the cops. Just in case.


Erin said...

Aren't people fun? Glad you had a good morning!:)

Carolyn said...

HAhaa... I friended a woman on Facebook because of her picture I saw when she commented on a current friend's page...

I requested the friendship by stating .. I gotta friend someone who isn't a teenager with pink hair.

Turns out she's a musician and fun to read... I mean ... any one with pink hair has got to be fun or ... well? look at the singer Pink! lots of money in pink hair..

Carolyn said...

oh and btw I sole your flipping switch box thing... had to do it by email ... I hope you don't sue... I gave you credit ;)

Carolyn said...


Thumper said...

Hell, I get all my fun images by stealing 'em...

Stacie said...