10 June 2013

The first step in letting go of the motorcycle:

It was more than preemptively replacing the bike, though. It was also more than the fact that the HHR steering wheel kills my hands and the seat in the Hyundai kills my back. It was even a little more than just I want.

For years, my mom wanted a Cadillac. For years, she didn't get one. My dad wanted a Blazer--I'm guessing because he needed a solid daily driver while also having the power to pull the boat he also had to have--so she settled for a much less expensive Oldsmobile, and even that was a concession to the fact that I was driving and taking over the Mustang inherited from my grandfather.

(Let's not dwell on the fact that 3 weeks after she got that Olds, I was driving it when someone plowed through a red light and hit it. So she wound up with a brand new car with front end damage. And to her credit and my dad's, the only thing they cared about was that I was all right.)

Later, my dad got (if I remember correctly) another Blazer. I wasn't living with them by then, so my memory is fuzzy, but it was still many years before she got that Cadillac.

By the time she got it, she was old. The kind of old where your reflexes stutter, and the kid of old where dementia creeping in makes driving a very bad idea. All those years she wanted her dream car, all those years she waited, and she didn't get to drive it for very long.

I don't need two dream vehicles; the Bonneville is the dream bike, but I have my issues with riding now. The dream car...yeah, this is it, I think. I can let go of the bike and never really look back with the dream car in the driveway.

Life's far too short to risk waiting too terribly long.

So in other news, this is for sale:

You want it, you know you do ;)


Sandra said...

But that is a VW???? Nice red convertible, though.

las794 said...

That is one spiffy ride!

On another subject, my favorite line from that bizarre comment has got to be "It is six-Work bamboo towel regulate or it may be luminous constructed of wax." Makes me wonder where they get the luminous wax and if you need to wear a hazmat suit to work with it.

Angel and Kirby said...

I want your car! We just sold a classic 1970's red VW convertible beetle! It needed more work than we were willing to put in to it!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Nice! Someone was just telling me last week what a cool looking car the new Beetle is!

Erin said...

The more I look at that car the more I like it. Perfect size, perfect color. What type of car is it? I am adding it to my dream list, even if I never get it...gotta dream big!