5 June 2013

We're pretty fortunate in that we have a 3 car garage. Now, no cars have actually lived in the nice 3 car garage, but we have the square footage that was intended for automobile storage.

Nope...the 1-car slot has been the Spouse Thingy's woodshop, and the 2-car slot has been where we've kept the bikes and assorted toys. But we're getting ambitious soon and are switching things around, so that he has the larger area for his shop, and the bikes will go into the single car slot...and if we sell them, which we're still pondering, the convertible I am determined to get will go in there.

The problem with fitting a car into that slot has been this weirdly configured water treatment container that we've never used, but that jutted out in a way that made the space useless for a car. The Spouse Thingy removed one of the tanks when we moved in, but because pipes and such ran into the second tank, we've left it alone.

Today he decided to finally take that tank down, after finding the valve that diverts our water past it.

It's not a little thing...maybe 4 feet tall and loaded with water, it was pretty heavy, so he set it on the ground with the idea of tipping it up and draining it.

What came out was not pretty.

And we realized that our water has been running through this tank.

Through this sludge.

It's kind of gross. Okay, it's a lot gross. And it explains why our water has always tasted funny and needed to be filtered. And possibly why cleaning the shower stall and tub has been damn near impossible.'s out and next week the Spouse Thingy can get the stuff to cap the pipes.

More a car will fit in there.

A nice, shiny, little convertible...


DKM said...

What are you getting me? I want a red one.

Angel and Kirby said...

I want a red one too, but I can not afford the speeding tickets I would get!

kenju said...

Yikes. That sludge cannot have been good for you at all.

I want a convertible too - and always have - but it wasn't practical for my business. Good luck with yours!

Derby, Ducky said...

EWWWW, Max and Buddah have been drinking that sludge too. Maybe it was affecting the fountain and why it would stop working.

Karen Jo said...

That sludge is not pretty at all. I'm glad you got rid of that tank. The best of luck on finding the perfect convertible.