8 May 2013

This is the dream bike. The one that was always in the back of my head as a "real" motorcycle, the forever bike, the special bike.

I've liked all the bikes I've had, but this is the one I look at when it's sitting in the parking lot wherever I am and I can see out the window.

The only thing my brain ever imagined different is the paint; I'd always pictured it with metallic purple, but I have no complaints about this absolutely beautiful paint job. There's not another one like it, anywhere. It's custom, right down to the hand drawn and painted pinstripes and Triumph logo.

But then last November I went and clicked on a link at reddit, and watched a video clip of a biker getting run over by a semi truck, and for a long time I couldn't get the image of the poor guy being ripped apart out of my head.

I didn't get on the bike for weeks after that.

Since then, I've ridden it maybe 150 miles, 90 of that when I had to take it up to Sacramento and back for some routine maintenance. Since then, I've unintentionally stumbled onto more unfortunately clips online, I've read the news of one biker after another dying in accidents, I've watched riders go past me wearing shorts and flip-flops and nothing else.

When presented with a choice, most of the time I take the car. Or the Trikke. I might intend to run an errand or two on the bike, but I always talk myself out of it.

I'm losing my nerve.

Anytime you get on a bike, you should be cautious. Hyper-aware. But being afraid? Not a good way to ride. Not a smart way to ride. I haven't hit the point of fear yet, but I can feel it looming. I have no issues riding around town, but I don't look forward to rides anymore. I don't itch to take the bike out. I'm not ready to give it up...but that's coming, and sooner rather than later.

I knew I was approaching the end of riding when the thought crossed my mind that if someone offered me just what I owed on it, I would sell it, and maybe just get a small scooter for kicking around town.

When you're ready to sell the might be time to let it go.


Anonymous said...
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Angel and Kirby said...

We sold a dream this month! We had a1979 Volkswagen convertible in the garage. We has always planned to fix it up. It was rusting out, the top was shredded, interior deteriorated. We knew we would never get around to fixing it up, so we sold it to a neighbor for a couple of thousand. It is only going to take him that much to fix it up. It is still heart breaking to see it drive past!

angelgypsy said...

It's funny, the little scooter you linked is something I dream about having. I think my dream is my guitar. I sold my original one and I still kick myself. I loved her so much. It would cost me 500 to get her back and I just don't have it. But If I did, I would do it in a heartbeat. Meanwhile I have a pretty little thing that I keep trying to remind myself to get down off the wall and put my hands to and practice with.

caircair said...

At the moment, I'm toying with the idea of a bicycle, just for getting around the neighborhood. Husband says no, I don't use the exercise bike we have now. He doesn't seem to understand I want a bike for TRANSPORTATION, not for EXERCISE.


Char said...

Maybe it's time for the trike, Thump. It would be bigger, more visible, and you could probably get ABS. I've considered that; I can't bring myself to get on 2 wheels anymore, but once we're settled I've thought about three. But that scooter looks like fun! Can you even get a Big Ruckus anymore?