11 May 2013

Bullet Abuse #874,539,281.x
  • Someone spam-called my cell phone at 5 fricking a.m. At least I presume it was a spam call, based on the number and location; I get these a lot and they always tick me off, but at five in the morning, which is like the middle of the night for me, it makes me feel all stabby.
  • It took me about an hour to fall back asleep; thusly did I oversleep this morning.
  • Once I was awake enough to figure out what I needed to do today, I realized I had prescriptions waiting for me at the pharmacy, and headed out to get them.
  • Once outside, I remembered today is the Post Office’s food drive, so I turned around, went back inside, and grabbed a bunch of canned food and boxed stuff.
  • Got to the pharmacy 3 minutes before they closed for lunch. Yay.
  • Only to be told that my main medication can’t be refilled until tomorrow. Bummer.
  • Headed for Starbucks, realized halfway there that I left the house without eating. No problem, I culd get some chicken strips at Burger King first.
  • BK was packed. There were more people there than I had ever seen in there before. And it was freaking hot…I don’t think the a/c was working. After 5 minutes in line I felt a bit nauseated from the heat, so I decided I could go somewhere else.
  • Every place in the area was packed. Denny’s parking lot was full. McD’s was full. Taco Bell’s line spilled out the door. The pizza place…wasn’t even going to try.
  • Starbucks, OTOH, had a line but most of the tables were open. I risked it an placed my backpack on a table and got in line…I could see it from there.
  • Concern was lessened by the fact that one of the ‘Bux people was taking a break and sitting at the next table.
  • I did have plans to jump the chit out of anyone touching that backpack, though. It’s not often one gets to spout things like ‘touch it and die, Motherfarker.’ Though I think I would have dropped a more appropriate F-bomb.
  • Chocolate cinnamon bread is not very filling, but it will have to do.
  • Oh…apparently there was a parade today. That explains the crowds everywhere. I arrived about 20 minutes after the end of the Mayfair Parade. It was not on my radar because parades…phffft.
  • Dude sitting next to me has expressed MacAir envy. Yes, it’s spiffy, but I think you can get comparable PC laptops now for a whole lot less.
  • Next time, I will probably do that.
  • Even though that will make me less cool.
  • Shuddup. I am, too.
  • Fine, I’m not Abercrombie & Fitch cool, but really, who wants to be?


Anonymous said...
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Crazy Cat Lady said...

Have you tried putting your number on the federal Do No Call list? I did that and it really cut down the spam calls. And I still feel guilty about sending you to Starbucks in the first place. Have they started offering you free coffee yet? You know it's time to branch out when they start doing that. :)

Thumper said...

My number has been on the DNC list from the beginning. That doesn't stop spammers who don't give a damn, unfortunately.

And no free coffee for me, since I don't drink it. But most of them here do know how I like my tea :)