15 May 2013

The comment attached to a video link sent to me (by someone I know) said that this is one hell of a rider, so I clicked over. Because, hey, I appreciate good riding. The same person once pointed me towards some video clips of police officers just wrecking a complicated course on some big assed bikes, and I expected something in the same vein. Something cool and impressive.

I did not expect someone's dash-cam video of a Russian woman passing out while riding her scooter and going smack into the side of a semi. I did not need to see that video, I didn't need to see her bounce off and fly back into her lane while her scooter sped down the street without her, until it slid into an oncoming car.

"But she survived," is not an excuse for sending me that link without warning.

I'm already t h i s close to giving up riding and selling my bike. That's the kind of crap I don't need in my head, especially when I'm on the fence with riding right now. Especially when I've been pretty clear with people that I have crap like that in my head and am losing my nerve. It was a shitty thing to do and not something I'm likely to just shrug off.

But yeah, no more clicking links to videos from now on, not unless I'm 100% sure what they are.


Angel and Kirby said...

That was rude and uncalled for!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty crappy :( sorry that a "friend" creeped you out more than you were

Anonymous said...

What a jerk!
I do not ride, but have always enjoyed your posts about riding. Your words made me feel the freedom and fun of it, while stressing the proper care. Even if you decide to stop, I hope you keep the joy of it.

Stacie said...

I can totally relate. People keep posting a photo of a mangled foot on facebook, and saying it was due to riding in flip flops. I cannot UN see that. It is forever burned into my brain!Preaching to the choir! No skin, below the chin, and a full faced helmet, is my philosophy!

Lsamsa said...

I will never understand why people want to watch other people or animals being hurt or worse.
Yes, I know there are psychos...far too many it seems these days, but it seems a significant number of 'everyday' people look at these videos...judging by the comments & such.
That someone would send you that...knowing what a kind person you are...dealing with your own issues. Just nasty & uncaring.