24 May 2013

Things that ran through my head while pretending to work while sipping tea at Starbucks:

I have never seen an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, yet the theme song is stuck in my head. But just the one line, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants.


I rode my bike over and it’s sitting there in the sun. That black seat is going to be wicked hot when I get back on it.

I am gradually coming to the conclusion that fear is not what has been keeping me off the bike. The hatred of putting on all that gear is. 


The 3 Day is in less than a month. I had a blast driving the sweep van last year, and that was while not feeling 100%. I’m a little more than excited this year, because I should be a little less –blah- than I was last year.

If I get sick again between now and then, it will count as proof that someone up there doesn’t like me very much.


I am so very tired of not feeling well a lot of the time.


I just spent 20 minutes writing about all the things Max likes about boobs.


After I got my last tattoo, several people wanted to know when I was getting a tattoo of Max. My answer was “never.” I’m getting a tattoo on June 3rd. Guess what of?

No, I’m not getting one of Buddah and I don’t think his little feelings will be hurt. If I got one of him, then I’d feel like I also needed one of Hank, one of Dusty, one of Ataturk, and one of Chip. Not happening.

I might get a paw print for each someday, though.


There are a dozen free tables open here, yet a couple of guys who need to discuss an ad campaign they’re working on just had to sit right next to me. Aside from the tone of the conversation pretty much killing my ability to hear Max’s writing voice, I so want to correct the grammar they’re talking about using.

Because my grammar is perfect.

Stop laughing.


Wow. There are at least 12 people in line. I guess I will forgo a refill on the tea and head to the store to find something for dinner.

But I did get some real work done.

And it was all about boobs.


Shaggy and Scout said...

I loved Sponge Bob! My youngest was just the right age for it when it came on tv. One particular episode that sticks in my head is when he went jellyfishing with his net and the jelly fishes danced to a electro-rock beat and teased Bob. I don't think he caught any. There were some epic shown on Nickelodean in those days. Angry Beavers was my favorite!
Ummmm, yeah. Now I have the Angry Beaver theme song in MY head! Lynne

Angel and Kirby said...

SpongeBob is one that my grand kids have not tortured me with. Mow, Angry Birds? Oh yeah!

Mighty Kitty said...

Not feeling well all the time? That's sad to hear!Hope you start feeling better soon! Keep writing my make my day! Thanks!