7 March 2012

Got Amazon Prime? You should have Amazon Prime. You get free shipping on tons of stuff, lots of videos you can watch for free, and now you can borrow all of my books from the Kindle Lending Library.

I will get paid for every please borrow. Encourage your friends to borrow. BORROW LIBERALLY!

This does not (yet) include Max's books.

At some point I'll make each free for a day or two here and there, and I'll give heads up when I do; I'm still trying to decide if I want to throw the three volume Charybdis Novels out there first or just the first book in the series...I can come up with arguments for doing it either way, which leave my brain cramping a bit.

The thing about this is that as long as I keep my books in the program that allows them to be borrowed and made free, they won't be available on competing books stores...which is another reason to embrace Amazon Prime.

For me.

What, you needed a better reason? Tsk.

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Derby, Ducky said...

brain cramps are no fun. Relax and flip a coin.