26 March 2012

Brain dump #982,579.863
  • I've lost count, but I think I've been sick 5 times since the beginning of the year. Nothing major, mostly GI stuff,but enough that I'm realizing I've been sick an awful lot.
  • It has not kept me from writing...I've got a manuscript in the final editing stages. It's not long--it'll only run about 130 pages--but it's something I'll be able to use for fundraising.
  • I can't think of a good title, though. It kinda can't go to print without a title.
  • It occurred to me yesterday that every single one of us has seasonal allergies. That includes the cats. The Spouse Thingy and I both have hay fever, Max gets a periodic asthma-like cough when pollens are high, and now Buddah gets watery eyes when pollen is high. The poor guy looks like he's crying...I feel bad for him, but that didn't stop me from taking a picture of his tears yesterday.
  • It's supposed to rain all week, and that is bumming me out. We need the rain, but it rained last week and dammit, I want to go for a bike ride.
  • It didn't rain yesterday or much the day before, but my intestines were not cooperating, so I stayed inside and spent way too much time surfing reddit
  • I also want to go walk around San Francisco. Damned rain.
  • I'll leave you with the image of Buddah crying, just in case you didn't see it on Facebook. 
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    Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

    Allergies are early this year. I should have taken them two weeks ago when we came back from Phoenix. How was I to know the grass would green up and the trees would start budding out in March?!! Supposed to be May in these parts.

    The picture of Buddah is heart tugging. Poor little guy. Shaggy sometimes gets it. Our vet says you can give kitties a small dose of Benadryl (if you can get it down them). I've never gotten it down Shaggy, I have doubts about Buddah too...

    Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

    *I should have started my nasal allergy spray, that is.*

    Angel and Kirby said...

    Angel had teary eyes too! and sneezes. All allergies. Glad I am not the only one in the house!

    David E. Francis said...

    Speaking of the cats' health, how is Max doing with his pancreas problem? Does he still have to go to the vet for yearly shots?


    Judy (kenju) said...

    I've been sick too, but mostly allergies. I'm tired of being sick! Hope we are both better soon.

    Love that lawn mowing idea!