16 March 2012

Non-news: I'm doing another breast cancer walk this year. This time, I'm giving the Avon Walk a try; it's two days instead of three and 40 miles instead of 60, but the fundraising minimum is also less. So, yay for that. I'm still registered to crew for the Komen walk, and I'm still on the fence about that, but I'm starting to lean toward doing it.

Komen's screwups don't negate the good they do, and the people who are walking deserve as many crew supporting them along the way as they can get. But that doesn't mean the sour taste in my mouth is gone and that I don't have some ambivalent feelings.

Anyway...I need to raise funds for the Avon walk, and as part of that, I'm selling some temporary tattoos based on my own real one. You can get yours HERE.

If you don't want a tattoo but still want to be my best friend EVER, and you like the idea of reaping a tax deduction for your donation, please donate directly to my Avon fundraising page by clicking HERE. Not only do you get the tax deduction, but you'll be eligible for the prizes that are coming soon.

Still working on the final details, but I can tell you that I am writing a book that should be available in the next month, and one of the prizes just might allow you to read it electronically.

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Angel and Kirby said...

You have thought about this a lot and made some good decissions