2 February 2012

This would make a cool tattoo...
Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix…ok, kinda sorta. It sounds good. And it was an excuse to use a pretty picture. Mostly, out of the controversy comes some good. If nothing else, this whole mess has had me pondering what else I could do. There’s the Avon Walk for breast cancer which will be held in San Francisco in July, and Michelle found a MS Challenge Walk in Carlsbad in September.

So I have options, some pretty spiffy options. Walking for breast cancer means a lot to me—I’ve lost friends and that sucks hard—but I also have several friends with multiple sclerosis, so I’m looking at that one with keen interest.

I’m also taking the time to poke around online and see what else is out there. I have a vested interest in a lot of things—lymphoma, diabetes, heart disease, stroke—and am looking at the possibilities for those as well. Some of the walks are so short—just a mile—that I wonder why they even bother, and some are so far from here that it’s not possible, but I’ll find something.

In the meantime, please enjoy this escaping kitty.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Keep us posted on the MS Challenge Walk in Carlsbad. We've had friends with MS too and one of the Woman's favorite patients was a very severe case of the disease and we know how heart wrenching it can be.

G.G. Mueller said...

I have a cousin with MS. I didn't know there was a walk for them. Keep me posted!

Sleepypete said...

Escaping Kitty knows where to go.

Run for freedom little kitty ! Teach that hooman who's boss !

Angel and Kirby said...

You will find the best place for you! that is a cute kitty.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Kitty is cute. I hope they took him home because he has obviously chosen his people!

My 30 year old niece had MS and took her life in early November. She didn't want to deal with the increasing challenges.