15 February 2012

Max Thompson, Cheeto Thief

Ignore the trash bag...I was picking up stuff in my office...

I was sitting in my office paying bills, and decided to have lunch at my desk. Multi-tasking at it's not quite finest: pay bills on one computer, load CDs into iTunes on the other, have a hot dog and some Cheetos.

Now, when I sat down with the hot dog, Max was asleep in another room. Sound asleep, like flat on his back, twitching through some dream asleep. I ate the hot dog without any feline aid, but the Cheetos were still on my desk in a bowl when the phone rang, so I left them there while I went into the kitchen to answer it.

When I came back 2 minutes later, Max was standing in my chair, paws on the desk, head in the bowl as he rapidly licked as much cheesy dust off those suckers as he could.

I couldn't get mad--I'd left them there in the open, knowing there are two sneaky cats in this house--but what got me was that he knew he wasn't in trouble. He looked up at me like, "Oh, hi! Thanks for the snack!" I suggested he'd had enough, and he happily got down, the look on his face, "I left you some!"

Yep, he'd left me a handful of cat-spit-soaked cheesy goodness.

Thoughtful, he is.


Angel and Kirby said...

It is hard to yell at them when you leave the snacks out!

Undr said...

What's funnier to me is that you answered the phone ;)

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

A real gentleman.

Karen Jo said...

It is amazing how cat radar can home in on food lying around in the open. I would swear that Herman is sound asleep, then I open the refrigerator and there he is, wanting whatever it is I am getting.

Derby, Ducky said...

hehehe, don't leave your foods unattended Miss Thumper!

Christie Critters said...

Poorly trained! Poorly trained! Rufus keeps his paws OUT of my ice cream. Mostly. Unless he notices it. Unless my hands are both occupied so he can push between me and the ice cream bowl and block me from it while dipping his paws into the creamy goodness.
So sorry to hear about the soggy cheetos.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Yep, food, plates, glasses of water, etc. left unattended are Fair Game in our house, too. We have this ritual of announcing "I am putting the glasses on the table" at dinner time as a means to call for backup while we bring the food to the table.

Mom Sue to the Thieving Furry Bambinos