6 May 2010

Today's weigh in was not a happy one. I expected the results I got, but still.

Two pounds up.

Part of it I blame on the Spouse Thingy's birthday; the Boy's homemade pizza was especially good, and there was cake. And because it was his birthday week we let ourselves slide off the dietary wagon a little bit, trying out a new Chinese restaurant, and then going back because it was so good.

We balanced the increased food intake with some hellacious working out; we both Trikked quite a bit (he more than I, admittedly,) we spent a couple of days going up and down ladders as we primed and painted the kitchen, and worked our asses off doing other things around the house. We spent a day walking around Six Flags, and if we didn't get 5 miles in that day I'd be surprised.

We burned a lot of calories, a nice balance to the indulgences.

But...I've also been off my HGH for 3 weeks. We have both civilian medical insurance and military medical, and between the two things got hosed up and no one would pay for it. We sure as hell weren't paying out of pocket, not for a $1200 a month medication. The problem with not taking it is that no growth hormone circulating in my body = inability to create and maintain lean muscle mass = lower metabolism = adding body fat.

If I'd been on it the whole time, I suspect today's weigh in would have been a break-even kind of thing. And I would have whined about that, too. Because if it's not a loss, I whine.

Hold the cheese.

The insurance has been straightened out, for 3 months anyway, after which I think we go back to square one, but at least I can go back on it until then and hopefully regain some lost muscle and burn a few more pounds of fat off.

I'm pretty far behind where I wanted to be; I had hoped to hit my goal in July, but with just 3 months to go and over 35 pounds, it doesn't seem likely, not even if I kill myself on the Trikke.

Which I might.

It would be a hell of a fun way to go.


Mila said...

I wonder if the 2 pounds might actually be muscle weight. Even accounting for the no HGH, you have been *very* active lately.

Granted, I have no idea what it's like to be in your shoes with your conditions and medications. I know I would be very frustrated in your situation either way.

And please don't kill yourself on the trikke? I rather like you and find your posts extremely amusing :)

Lemon Stand said...

I'm with Mila. It is very possible that it is muscle weight. (And I too am fond of your corporeal self and your posts!)

kmilyun said...

I so get the high costs of drugs yikes!

I am with the it is muscle weight- gotta be - must be - works for me.

If you do kill yourself on the trikke please make sure it is captured on film ;)

Chazya said...

Have you tried surging/burst training? it burns fat like nobodies business, I lost 30 pounds the first month I started doing it. only takes 12 minutes per day and leaves me surprisingly energetic. also when I do it, on days I do it, its like taking an appetite suppressant.