19 May 2010

UpThe Spouse Thingy walks these ramps at the hospital a lot.

They run 2 to a floor, and go up 8 stories; when he has a quiet night at work, he walks them. This afternoon he needed to go to the UCD bookstore across the street from the hospital, and took me to the ramps.

It's like voluntary torture, but now I really want ramps of my own. Doing that 2 or 3 days a week would give me killer calves if nothing else.

My heart rate definitely went up while I was walking up them...probably too high. I get into the high 150s on the Trikke and have gotten into the 92% of my max HR range before, and I'm pretty sure I edged a little over that, just going up them once.

I need something, in any case. Tomorrow I take my "official" weight for the week, and I'm going to be up again.

My diet is good; I don't blow over my calories for the day. Between the walking and the Trikke at least 4 days a week I'm chewing through 700-1000 extra calories.

Yet, I'm gaining.

I think I'm at the weight I was last December.

I'm getting very, very frustrated, and very, very pissed off.


kenju said...

I think I could walk ramps and enjoy it better than stairs or flat ground. Good luck.

Angel and Kirby said...

It has to be muscle mass!

debzy said...

Here are the questions you want to ask yourself - am I feeling better than I did last December? You almost have to, don't you? Are my clothes fitting better? the important thing is that you're eating right and advice is to throw out the scale...just sayin...

nnmlknw said...

I think a lot of people replying are on the right track. If your doing all you can, thought of all that can be done, it might be time to stop watching the scale so closely and get out the measuring tape. I've also read that when the exercising ramps up our bodies tend to want to hold onto water for a couple of days. Maybe even more days because of your particular health issues. The other fun thing, one I try to avoid myself, is call your health professional when you get stuck. Maybe they'll see something every one is missing.

My opinionated two cents. :)

Undr said...

1. You restarted HGH. That equates muscle growth, and yes you can gain that much from it.

2. New exercise equates water retention in the muscles; your DI breakthrough will not affect that much. Water has weight.

3. Eat more.

4. Split your workouts. Don't Trikke the same day you walk. You burn so many calories on those days that you shock your system into thinking it's starving. If you have to Trikke and walk on the same days, do it on off-training days, walk a much shorter distance, and then Trikke. Or Trikke first, and then walk short.

5. Patience; you're buring more calories than you're taking in, so eventually your body will relax and let the weight go.

You know all this, I know you do.

Karen Jo said...

I don't have anything much to add. Just stick with it and it will work sooner or later. I know how frustrating it can be. I have been overweight my whole life. I am getting much better now, but it is very slow.