28 May 2010

Around mile 5 of my walk today I headed down one of the bike/walking paths nearby, and I came around a curve just in time to see a slender tuxedo cat stalking a bird that was very nearly its own size, and within a few steps it leapt high, paws and claws out, and took the bird down.

I was both fascinated and repulsed when it sunk its teeth into the bird's neck, the surprised WTF?! last squawk of the bird and the twitching as it died.

I kept walking towards the cat, though, because dead giant bird or not, that was the direction I was headed.

The cat didn't seem to be bothered by my presence; instead of running like hell at the sight of a strange human, it walked toward me, dropped the bird on the sidewalk, looked up at me, and meowed.

A more sane person would have just kept on walking, but I paused and said, "Good job, kitty."


"Uh...I had lunch already, thank you. Why don't you take that back to your people? They'll be proud."

Damned if the cat didn't meow one more time, pick the bird back up, and trot off, apparently quite happy with have some praise.

I started back up, hoping like hell that no one saw that or heard me praise some strange cat for the offering. I hope more that the next time I walk down that way I don't get offered something grosser...


Derby, Ducky said...

That kittie knew what to do, bring his kill to the human. Better than a mouse in your bed!

Angel and Kirby said...

He just wanted to offer it to you! How thoughtful!

Marti said...

You have a way with cats.

Roses said...

Maybe he was asking if you had a camera. You know, like fishermen take photos of their big catch.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Maybe it would have made a delicious lo-cal dish.
Kitties are sooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is so normal , cats talk all the time,
at least to me , and you .

David E. Francis said...

Cats are smarter than we people give them proper credit for. And, I have no doubt, feelings too.

I hope Buddah is okay. He hasn't blogged in weeks.


The Whiskeratti said...

That was actually pretty cool - the chat part, I mean. Besides, their conversation is frankly superior to what we get with most hoomins anyway.

Karen Jo said...

Interesting conversation you had. I also hope that the cat doesn't offer you something grosser the next time you walk by.