22 July 2009

It's blue!This little car?
It's Toyota Yaris.
Great gas mileage, roughly 35-40 mpg.
Today, I discovered I can easily do 85 in it.

I discovered this because around 10:30 the Spouse Thingy wandered into my office area, looking not-so-hot and said he didn't feel so hot. He was dizzy, nauseous, and his heart rate had dropped to about 54.

This made my Wabbit hairs stand on end. Because in the Thumper household, those are scary symptoms based on a strong Spouse Thingy Family History of Unhappy Hearts.

Thusly was he given two choices: I either take him to the ER or call 911. (Yes, I should have called 911 without asking, but he's a nurse and was a cardiac nurse for many years, I trusted him to make the decision.)

I kept it at about 70ish for the first part of the ride, but we just weren't getting there as fast as I would like, and being a True California Driver now, I punched it and lane drifted (he may have mentioned then that his left arm was feeling a bit tingly). We made the fifteen minute ride in, gosh, fourteen minutes. We got into the ER, I butted in line because HOLY HELL I THINK HE'S HAVING A HEART ATTACK SO LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT HIM RIGHT NOW!!! (ok, I was quieter and said, "Excuse me, my husband might be having a heart attack," which worked just as well) and they took him right back (while I did paperwork. Yay.)

While I signed our financial future away (or maybe yours, since a combination of insurance and Uncle Sam will likely pay for this) they gave him an EKG.

It was fine.

They drew blood.

It was fine.

Another EKG.

It was fine.

After two hours there (and the Boy showing up, because, =surprise= a voice mail from your mom saying OH MY GOD HE'S IN THE ER HAVING A HEART ATTACK [or maybe it was just um, I took him to the ER and they're ruling it out] tends to spur children into cars and towards the suffering parental unit) the Spouse Thingy was feeling much better. No longer dizzy or nauseated and his arm was not tingly. His heart rate was still low, however. Could have been anything. He's been dieting and cut calories nearly in half, might be that. Gas maybe? We don't know yet.

Long and short...they cleared him. He did not have a heart attack. REPEAT: HE DID NOT HAVE A HEART ATTACK. He does, however, have an appointment tomorrow with our family doc for followup and he strongly suspects he will wind up on a treadmill with sticky thingies all over him while they try to stress him out.

I can help. If they want him stressed I will stand there with Ben Gay and threaten to shove it in his shorts if he doesn't run... I'd be happy to do that, because I love him.



kmilyun said...

Oh how scary! I am glad it was not a heart attack.

Hope it was just dah gas thing and you go girl with the speed demon blue race car.


Karen Jo said...

That must be #1 on the list of how to scare your spouse half to death. I am so glad that it wasn't a heart attack and very pleased that he is going in for a follow-up. Good going in your little blue car.

Marti said...

Relieved to hear that your husband seems OK and did not have a heart attack. 54 isn't that low a pulse rate for me, but perhaps for him it is. Best wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I know how scared you were. Been there. Have them check his blood sugar. My husband thought he was having a heart attack once and it turned out he was diabetic.


Roses said...

Sure. He didn't have a heart attack. How about you?

Alberonn said...

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for gas.

Heh heh. There's a phrase I never thought I'd say.

I mean I hope it's nothing serious.

las794 said...

Yessirree, that qualifies as A Really Damn Scary Moment. I'm glad the Spouse Thingy wasn't checking out right then, but it'll sure be better when he's been thoroughly checked out!

Motor Home Cats said...

Boy am I glad to hear the gas passer didn't have a heart attack. I hope that everything goes well during his doctor appointment and they don't find anything wrong.

Tara (not the cat)

mlah said...

i was recently on vacay in vegas and passed out while in the venetian. i got the same treatment in the hospital and didn't have a heart attack either. but subsequent cardio tests were extensive. turned out i had a bad reaction to an over the counter supplement (niacin) and booze.

good luck.!

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, that so sucks. I'm really glad he didn't have a heart attack... I hope it's something easy to take care of.
- Cathy

Sleepypete said...

With my much loved 2nd car (beatup battered old Astra with a beard), I discovered very early on that it could easily do 85 ...

But I quickly learned that doing 85 in it meant things fell off, so I didn't do that any more.

Right thing to do, taking your fella to hospital to get him checked out - glad it turned out to be a false alarm :-)

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

God, we don't read your blog for a couple days and look what happens!!!

We are so glad the Spouse-Thingy is okay!

Jeannie said...

Ditto above, have not been able to read for a few days. So thankful that spousy agreed to go to the ER and you were home to take him. Even we nurses are sometimes in great denial as to our own health.

Praying for good results on his stress test....I can just see you there with the ben gay!!!LOL>

Jeannie, Dusty's mom