19 July 2009

It's no secret...Max likes my boobs. Every morning while waiting for me to wake up, he curls up on top of me, and you can guess what he uses for a pillow. He would definitely miss them if they were gone.

Now, Max has a blog friend, Jeter Harris, and Jeter's mom is doing the Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk in October. And Max, being a total boob guy, would like to help raise money for her worthy endeavor.

To that end, he's offering this:

an Aspire Aspire One 8.9" netbook; for every $5 donated, you get a shot at winning it. I've loaded MS Office 2007 on it (fully functional...I chewed up a license to make it work) and has Zone Alarm loaded. It even has a spiffy skin on it!

Visit Max's blog to donate and get a chance at winning it...details are in his July 19 entry, and there's a donate button in his right sidebar.

1 comment:

Karen Jo said...

Now that's a really cool raffle prize. I'm off to see Max right now.