Right about the time I was making my previous post, one of my favorite people was in a nasty, nasty accident. Murf's ("I keep forgetting I have a blog") wife, Char, was slammed into in the middle of an intersection by a drunk driver doing 80 mph. She's pretty banged up, as one might expect, and she's in ICU with a laundry list of injuries, but eventually she should heal up physically.

She's got a hell of a long road ahead of her, but for right now, she's here, and that's all that matters.

Char and I fell into an easy friendship when she married Murf; we might go weeks without talking, but when we do it's comfortable and not strained with my odd conversational shyness. It helps that she can talk enough for three people

A week ago I was helping them set up a new blog; they're enjoying the wonders of having a teenager in the house and it seemed funny to start blogging about it. Now it looks like Murf will be using it to update friends and family about how she's doing.

He could use a little emotional support, I think. It's the suckiest of ways to launch a blog, but if you're inclined to lurk, it's here.

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