Wow...there was no growling, no biting, and only a little bit of pooping involved. This was the least eventful vet visit in years, probably because they were fully prepared for His Majesty. Max remained in his spiffy giant blue bubble carrier while Buddah was examined and vaccinated (without complaint...good kitty), and instead of pulling Max out there in the exam room, the vet took him to the back room where she had help standing by.

Said help was surely armed with wet towels...which were needed because he cut loose as he was being pulled out of the carrier. Is it wrong that we were kind of proud of him for that? Or that we think it's funny his records state "Sedate Before Exam"?

He definitely has feline acne, and it's a fairly mild case, which means we only have to put a little bit of an ointment on him once a day for a week or so. He's also still quite overweight (though honestly, a chunk of that weight is no longer fat but muscle...Buddah keeps him active) so we're going to wean him onto a new food, but overall, this wasn't a bad visit. We had taken Max off his pulsing antibiotics a while back, and there was no push to start it back up since he's doing so well.

The $200+ check the Spouse Thingy had to write was probably the most painful part, but even that was a lot less than we expected.

Max is still has a little bit of a buzz from his Happy Pill; it almost makes me wish we could dope the kitties up every night... ;)

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