My next door neighbor is outside with the hood to her car up, and she's banging on something in the engine with a rather big-heeled shoe. She bangs for a few minutes, then tries to start it up. It's trying to turn over, so I can only surmise she's not trying to beat the battery to death, but it won't start.

Now, if I were a nicer person I'd go out and help, but being mechanically backwards, about the only thing I could do would be to offer her a hammer instead of her show. Then we could both stand there staring at the engine, mumbling about how "this was easier back when cars didn't have computers and all that fancy stuff."

One of us would scratch, and one of us would belch, and the car still wouldn't start.

I feel bad for not knowing jack about engines right now.

I could offer her a beer..

Well now, looking out again someone else is standing there with her. I think they're taking turns banging on the engine with the big-heeled shoe.

I'm curious. I think I'll go outside and scratch myself.

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