As I was bouncing from machine to machine today, there was something different about this gym that I couldn't quite out my finger on. It has almost everything any other gym does: resistance machines, free weights, stationary bikes and treadmills and ellipticals, music playing overhead.

And then I spotted some way-too-fit blonde in the corner benching more weight that I could have when I was 20 and fit, and it hit me.

There's no grunting.

There's lots of sweating and lifting going on, but it's a nice, quiet kind of sweating and lifting.

It's nice, not having to hear Waldo heave out his lungs as he throws around more weight that he should actually be using.

Even when I worked in a gym, I didn't understand why men felt the need to do that.

The downside to the quiet though...if someone farts, everyone is gonna know...

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