• I joined a gym. A women's only gym. Monday I have an appointment with a trainer, and thusly will the torture begin.
  • They don't have a pool. I'm kinda holding that against them.
  • While I was at Border's today, I overheard a couple of kids at a nearby table discussing their homework. "It's really very basic," one said, and the other agreed, adding something about Avegadro and magnesium and inversions and Einstein and Enert gasses and x+ab-y/dx*yyy...
  • My head exploded, right there by the bagel case.
  • Yesterday the Boy wandered home after a couple days of being Who Knows Where, and he cooked dinner for us.
  • Schnitzle.
  • I am stull full.
  • Spouse Thingy, however, will probably want dinner tonight, and the Boy just left for work. At some point I will be asked "Are there any plans for dinner?" and I will have to shrug.
  • I need a dinner fairy. And a cleaning fairy.
  • Fairies don't come cheap, do they?
  • =sigh=
  • Oooh, I have a new helmet. It's shiny and has a spiffy built in sun visor and air pumps in the cheeks for a custom fit. I'm not liking it much, though, and it's too late to take it back.
  • That part sucks.

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