found-kitty-1We could not find her owners.

We put notices up all over the neighborhood, an ad on Craig's List and a bunch of other lost Pet websites, scoured the papers for any sign of her in the lost & found section...and the more I observed her the more certain I was that she didn't have any people.

She couldn't live in our garage forever (well she could but that would be less than ideal) and while I was sorely tempted to just keep her (and I mean *seriously* tempted) it just wasn't the best situation, given Max's problems with stress.

But...The Spouse Thingy's friend from work had neighbors who have been looking for a kitty to add to their family. They met our little garage kitty yesterday and took the evening to think it over, and today she went to live with her new family, complete with an older brother kitty who apparently didn't seem to mind having a little sister.

I will miss her (her new name is Snowball, which fits just right) but I get my garage back, and I was starting to go into bike withdrawal. And not too far away there's a little girl who is overjoyed to have a new kitty, and a little boy who thinks it's pretty spiffy, too.

So it all worked out.

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