In browsing the local paper this morning, I read an article that says that according to the 2007-08 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association National Pet Owners Survey (try saying that three times fast) 56% of dog owners and almost half of all cat owners will buy their pets a gift for Christmas this year. The article also says that dog owners are likely to buy 7 gifts per year, and other pet owners about 4 gifts. Regardless of the pet species, the average price of each of those gifts is $10.

It's nice to know we're not as nuts as we thought; at least half you you people are nuts right along with us. And it's also nice to know that we are so above average...

What I really want to know, though, is how many people actually wrap their pets' presents, and how many have stockings for the little four legged wonders.

Not that we would ever go overboard on our cats.

Oh, no.

And it's not like we're planning on taking pictures of them getting their gifts.



There's still time if you haven't gotten your furry friend something. I have it on good authority that for cats, all it takes is a bag of crunchy treats, some kitty crack, and a feathered toy or two.

And spend more than ten bucks, so that you, too, can be above average.

Because truly, how can it be a Merry Christmas if Fido and Fluffy don't get anything?

stop looking at me like that...

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