A few nights ago the Spouse Thingy and I went to Burger King, because I truly hate to cook and...well, I hate to cook. It was a little cool out so I grabbed my uber spiffy red, white and blue leather jacket--the one people keep asking to buy from me--and off we went in search of grease-laden, over cooked burgers.

There were several teens in the parking lot, and inside there was a group crowding a bunch of table near the door. Typical kids, clothes a little too big, baseball caps on sideways. No big deal.

But as we walked in one of the boys looked at me and said "What a fat ass !"

I ignored him, as I am wont to do when faced with stupid people. It stung a bit, but the truth tends to do that.

But when we were up near the counter, the Spouse Thingy was laughing and said, "He wants it."


He pointed at my jacket. "He obviously likes it."

That's a bad ass jacket!

I totally need to clean my ears out.

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