We get to move into the house next door.
The house with the pool and hot tub.
With pool service and lawn service.
And paid garbage.
And that's $200/month less rent than what we're paying now.

We don't get the keys until the 24th so we'll only have about a week to move everything and get this place cleaned up (which really shouldn't take long; for once I've kept the science projects on the bathroom walls and kitchen floor to a reasonable level) before the final inspection. And...and...and...Owner Lady gave us a 2 year lease, so we won't have this problem again in a year. She'll let us out of the lease if we're ready to buy a house, but she gave us 2 years of knowing we can stay put.

That's a big relief, actually. Two years of not worrying, and knowing the rent won't skyrocket. Yay.

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