My legs hurt, my wrists hurt, my neck and shoulders hurt, and my butt REALLY hurts.

Playing with my new toy is a lot more physical than the little Rebel I've played with for the last year (no, not for sale, the Boy is buying it from me; yes I would like to get pictures of his 6'2" self on that little bike but I'm not sure he'd allow it...) I woke up today feeling like I'd had a hard workout yesterday (which is a good thing) and if I sit on anything other than a soft chair, I want to squeal ouchie.

My new toy is an incentive to be very considerate of where we put stuff in the next house, so that the Bowflex is more accessible, and it will make me get in the pool and work out just about every day until it gets too cold to swim.

I big pink puffy heart my new toy, even though I ache...

:::wanders off to find a heating pad to sit on:::

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