Several nights ago I had a dream, but only remember fragments of the end of it; I was in a 3rd or 4th story room with no windows, and I had to get out. I knew the only way out was through the wall, but if I jumped through it my body would turn to sand...whatever the reason I needed to get out must have been a good one, because I ran and threw myself into that wall, and exploded into millions of pieces of myself.

But on the other side of that wall--body or not, sand and dust or not, I made it through--was not the daylight I expected. It was space, a gradient purple littered with stars. I immediately began looking for someone and was about to call out... and then Buddah jumped on me and woke me up.

But it stayed with me. I've had that vision of the stars imbedded into that vastness of differing shades of purple stuck in my head since then. It felt important; it feels important.

And then Friday Miz posted this picture. And that was it, that's what I saw, just substitute the water droplets for stars. Even those bright spots towards the middle feel familiar.

Kinda cool, kinda freaky.

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