First we were not going to move.

Then we found out we were. 'Cause the owner is totally a liar-liar-pants on fire.

Then there was the chance that we could just move to the house next door.

Then a few days ago we met with the lady who owns said house, and who was oh-so-apologetic, because she had promised it to her nephew. But she did have another property around the corner we could rent...which sounded good until we got to the part of "the garage has been converted into a bonus room." We kinda need a garage. The bikes need someplace to sleep.

She really was apologetic, and very nice.

So today we went to look at a house; it was very nice and the bedrooms were big, but the living room was so small that our furniture would not fit. There wouldn't be enough room for even the spiffy chair upon which my Christmas-present-pillow sits.

We passed it up. We figured what the heck, we've been with this property management company for a couple of years and they'll find us a house. Upon talking to the lady showing the house, however, we learned that the rental market is super tight, what with all the foreclosures, and they're taking names and having waiting lists, and whoever has the best credit rating gets the house. We could spend the next 4 weeks just trying to get a house we don't even like.

Screw that.

We went somewhere else. They let you take the keys and go see their houses all by your lonesome. All they ask is a copy of your ID and $20, which you get back.

'Course, we got the wrong key and couldn't get into the house we wanted to look at, but we got to peek through the windows. It was doable, even though the appliances were about a hundred years old. And the grass was dead and knee high. Well, the weeds were knee high. But I can regrow grass, and I can make an ugly house presentable. Those are things I can look past.

We had another address; no key was needed, the lady said there were workers there, they would let us in. And we figured if that didn't pan out, fine, they had a house coming up that was right around the corner from where we used to live and it's a very nice neighborhood.

Just as we pulled up to the house, before we knocked on the door and disturbed the workers, the Boy called.

Lady that owns the house next door left a message on the answering machine.

Her nephew will take the other property instead, if we're still interested in that house.

Hell, yes we are.

So. Keep your fingers crossed. We meet with her again Thursday; hopefully she's ready to take deposits and the like. She might want to run a credit check. And get rental referrals. Which means we might not know for a few days after that.

I want my house with the pool.

And the hot tub.

I don't like that all the bedrooms are upstairs, but the guys can haul my laundry up and down for me, and if I need something from upstairs, well, someone else is going to have to go get it for me.

'Cause the house has a pool.

Did I mention the hot tub?

Thumpa wants.

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