Apparently, the thingies that make my bike stop on demand were pretty well worn through...

At least they look worn. And I presume these are the actual brake pads that were on my bike; I have to take the shop's word that they didn't just hand over some random worn pieces of metal to justify calling and saying the front pads on my bike were worn.

Now, the bike only has 4,000 miles on it, and that seemed a little suspect, so I got online and asked Those Who Know, and across the board they told me to get the old pads back, because that just didn't sound right. People with the same bike have 15-20-30,000 miles on their pads.

Apparently, I must ride the brake more than I thought I did. Or perhaps I did last year when I was learning to ride, hanging on during those ohmygodohmygodohmygod moments but no longer do (say it with me: "lead wrist?")

I've had mixed feelings about this shop before, like they would have no problem concocting a problem just for the money. But I did notice a huge difference on the ride home, and last year when I thought I was dangerously low on brake fluid they didn't laugh when they had to show me I was checking it in completely the wrong way. Perhaps I expect too much? Or perhaps I'm inventing these feelings to justify getting my next bike at a different place, where they have a bike that makes my inner teenager squeal with delight?

Whatever, I have new brakes, they squeak, and the bike is now all serviced and inspected, and I can go zoooom this weekend.

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