Post #1001...Seriously...1001

003I love the look of these stairs, especially with the bookcases placed Just So (ok, it wasn't asthetics that made us line the stairs with the bookcases, it was the cats. We did it so the cats could have someplace fun to play.) (Shuddup)

AS nice as I think they look, those stairs became the bane of my existence. Bedroom upstairs, office upstairs, everything else downstairs... It got to where I was planning chunks of my day around going up and down those stairs, finding every possible way to avoid it.

Yes, I am lazy. But mostly, it just fricking hurts to manage stairs, especially going down them. When you find yourself complaining to one of the cats that life would be so much better if he learned to fetch like Murf's dog Stoner--he'll open the fridge and get you a Coke if you just say "beer please" (LOL yeah, I guess whatever can he can get his mouth around is the can you get)--and then feel a bit put out when the cat's response is to sit back and lick his junk, then it's time to move the office downstairs.

OK, it's time to get the Male Type People with whom you reside to move the office downstairs. Then there will only be a couple of stair trips daily. Doable. (And it gets the Bowflex out of the living room and into the garage. The living room will look better, even though the garage will be cramped.) (Yay for the living room.)

But then, because the Boy is no longer 12 years old with his head wedged up into the buttcrack of puberty, even though he had specifically wanted that downstairs space, he moved his bedroom upstairs, and the rest of my personal effects, including the tres spiffy I-love-you-and-I-hate-you Tempurpedic bed, was moved into his room.

Bonus points: he gets 2 rooms to spread his stuff throughout, instead of the cramped 9 x 9 room he was in.

Double bonus points: I no longer have to go upstairs.

-1: I now sleep across the hall from the Kitty Litterbox Room, and both of them made sure to leave me aromatic little gifts last night.

The only thing that really bugs me is that I'm 45 years old and have trouble with stairs. I don't even want to think about what it'll be like in 10 or 20 years...

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