Last year we sold the Boy's Mazda on eBay, so we decided to give it a try with the convertible. There are already a couple of bids on it, under the reserve price, but at least someone's bidding. I was reluctant to go this route since we don't own the title, but I made sure I stated that in the auction. The buy-it-now price is well under the blue book price, and the reserve is just over what we owe on we'll see.

And...I listed it on Craig's List back in March, which was a little ahead of the convertible season, I think. If it doesn't sell on eBay, I'll give it a try again. If that doesn't work...maybe we're destined to keep the car. I had a dream last week that we sold it and the next day the Hyundai blew up. That would be inconvenient.

And...On the house front...the property manager did determine the owners are not looking to sell the house. He doesn't know why they were taking pictures, but they're not selling. So hopefully that means we get to stay another year, and without a huge freaking hike in rent.

And...I still have that damned song going through my head.

And... one time, at band camp...

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