All righty...let's try this again. Apparently, if you mention the word "cash" in an eBay listing, they think it's a solicitation for payment with cash through the mail or wire transfer service. Even when the listing specifically says "If you are local to the area..." before mentioning the word "cash." Hopefully, rewording the listing will allow it to stay on for the duration of the auction.

In other news, sometime next week the guys are moving my office downstairs. They are not thrilled about it, since it requires heavy lifting ( desk weighs a ton...) but the stairs are no longer kind to me, and I only want to have to deal with them twice a day.

I don't think the cats will be thrilled either since they like hanging with me in the office, all curled up on their climbing trees where they can gaze out the window, but they'll learn to deal with it. And maybe, if they're good, the climbing tree fairy will get them another one for downstairs...

I do not spoil my cats!

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