One, it should be illegal for the Diet Coke to be out in a McDonald's drink fountain. Some of us need a Diet Coke fix while we're waiting for the Walmart pharmacy to open from their lunch break. It's very inconsiderate for them to have it break on the very day I want to sit there and nurse a cold one. I sat there, grumping over the Lite Lemonade I was forced to sip upon instead, an older woman came in with what I assume was her grandson and granddaughter. She held their little hands, one on each side, and as she gazed up and the menu she asked what the usually had at McDonalds.

Little Boy: We've never been here.
Grandma: You've never had McDonalds?
Both kids shake their head.
Grandma: Well, chicken nuggets are good. Do you want a soda, or juice, or milk?
Little Boy: We never had soda before.
Grandma: mouth gapes for a moment, then she recovers Well, juice or milk?
Little Boy: Milk!
Grandma: White milk or chocolate milk?
Little Boy: What's chocolate milk?

What's chocolate milk? What's chocolate milk???!!?!? Those poor, deprived children. Who makes it to 5 or 6 years old without tasting chocolate milk?

Grandma, to her credit, rectified that parental oversight.

Rock on, Grandma.

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