Ya Don't Say...

As I went into the grocery store this afternoon I made note of a table off the to side of the entryway, far enough to not be obtrusive, but close enough that the wares the girl scouts were peddling could be noticed. I made a mental note of "maybe" (because I had bought some earlier in the day at another location, I am a sucker for those little girls all excited and willing to ask people to buy stuff, but really, how many cans of cashews does one need?), went inside and got my box of au gratin potatoes, and trailed behind a tall guy about 30 years old as I headed for the door.

The door swung open, he stepped out, and a little blonde about seven years old smiled and said "Hey, mister, you look like you need some nuts!"

Oh yeah, I bought more nuts.

And I made sure I didn't wet myself laughing until I was safely in my car...

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