Tired...very tired.

Old house is empty and clean. Very clean. Who knew I could clean like that?

New house is packed to the rafters and untidy and not clean at all. But once we put all our stuff away, it'll be very spiffy.

The cats are settling in; Buddah had an entire afternoon of OHMYGAWD but Max just explored. Buddah crawled up inside a recliner--way up in the back where he was determined to stay forever, until the Spouse Thingy reached in and pulled him out after a couple of hours--while Max sauntered through the place like an old pro, looking for the fun stuff, probably knowing there was no going back. I worried about Buddah being as freaked out as he was (I took him upstairs to show him some familiar stuff, and he trembled so hard it damn near broke my heart) but after several hours he took a good look around and discovered there are places high up, places that with a little creativity he can get to. Places that make me take a deep breath and mutter "please don't fall, please dont fall..."

And thusly did the new house become one giant toy for Buddah, calming him down more than a good dose of Prozac could have. If I can find my camera, I'll take photographic proof of him giving me a heart attack.

Comcast was supposed to come on Monday between 3-5 to connect the cable and give me much needed Internet access. At 5:15 the Spouse Thingy--remembering the fiasco of the last move, when they went to the wrong house and we waited until after 10 p.m. for someone to show (and they didn't. not until 5 the next day...)--to inquire about whether or not they stll planned on showing up. Tech person on the phone radioed cable guy, who claimed he had been at the house at 4:40 but no one was home. Ah, no, we were home at 4:40. He described the house as "white with a brown door." Ah, no, that doesn't describe any house on this street. Tech person offered a huge discount and rescheduled for Wednesday between 3-5.

Need I say that no one showed up then, either? Supposedly they'll be here Friday between 3-5.

I should be putting stuff away right now, but I'm exhausted and am taking most of the day off from lifting and sweating and wondering how long my back will hold out (no complaints, it could be worse; I could be the Spouse Thingy, who has hauled and lifted and hauled some more, and who now has to work 5 ten and twelve hour nights in a row) so I'm sitting in the Vacaville library, leeching off their wireless signal.

Keep your fingers crossed we don't have to do this again for a very long time. I dont wanna move again.

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