Because I am really nosy, I poked around and found the real estate listing for this house. I'm not terribly happy that they took a picture with my car in the driveway and then posted it online, but you can't see the license plate, so it's all right.

They want $499,000 for it. They might get $475,00, if they can get anyone to come over and look at it. After we're out...I can't see anyone wanting it with all our boxes piled up all over the place, hiding the things that really are good about this place.

But dang, real estat listings can stretch the truth...

fully landscaped...sure, except for that huge patch of nothing but dirt right out by the front door.

all laminated floor downstairs...the cheapest laminate available, installed by someone that had no clue what they were doing, hence all the odd little "finishing" pieces that look pretty crappy.

formal dining area is raised...and you will trip over that rise at least 22 times in the first six months you live in the house.

backyard overhang for privacy...created and installed by the same guy that did the flooring. Ignore the fact that the wood wasn't treated and is now brittle and warping. Or that the upper slats are an inch apart each, so there's no shade.

Fireplace, wood burning...jammed into the corner in the family room, pretty much unusable if you intend on having any furniture in the room.

It really is a good house, and someone out there is absolutely going to love it. But there's a lot to overlook, especially for half a million bucks.

And there are at least 6 other houses within sight of it for sale.


Good luck to the owners.

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