I am excited.
Why am I excited?
Because there's a new bookstore opening up nearby this week.


:::runs around like tail is on fire:::

You wouldn't be this excited?
Well Phffffft on you.

On the day it opens I am going to go there and buy a book even if I don't need a new one, and I am going to stand there in the middle of the store with my mouth hanging open as I drink in all the sights and smells of brand new books just waiting for someone to open them and read. Oh, and I hope there's a cafe thingy in it where I can go and sit and write and watch people...

It doesn't take much to make me happy. Books and internet access and a bike to ride and dinner out 5 times a week the occassional Jack In the Box chocolate milkshake.

Oh man.

Now I want a milkshake.

But...books! The bookstore opens this week!

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