Yes, I’m still pimping.
But I had a request, so it’s worth annoying you yet again to post the pretty picture of my all 3 books in one, um, book.

A couple people wanted to be able to get autographed copies (because nothing says I’M SO COOL! like a signed book from a relatively unknown writer) but it seemed to be a bit of a hassle and an expense to expect people to buy a book, get it shipped to them, mail it to me, and then mailed back.

So I placed an order for 15 copies and should have them next week.

So here’s your chance for a little Wabbity Goodness. You know you want it. All three of my STELLAR novels wrapped into one pretty, shiny cover.

Oh and you, you sitting there at the 3rd computer from the left. I see you rolling your eyes and mumbling has she no shame? No, no I don’t. I have no shame. I must pimp myself in a manner befitting a shameless, furry, afraid-of-Uncle-Sam pimp.

The signed edition doesn’t cost any more than the unsigned edition. Because I’m nice that way. And realistic. Nice and realistic.

Thumper’s Autographed 3-books-in-1-Edition Extravaganza

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