Picking Through The Cobwebs In My Brain…
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My entire floor looks like that…No it’s not dirt, it’s catnip. Lots and lots of catnip. Buddah has discovered that if he rips a toy apart, they have plenty of fun to roll in and snack on. Max isn’t complaining about the nip, he’s complaining about being too big to fit inside their new toy.

And yes, I do feel sorry for him. It’s not his girth keeping him out, it’s his length. He could get through the hole, but he’s just too long to get in far enough to curl up and lie down.

I totally scored on an eBay auction last week. I thought I was bidding on cables for my spiffy little PDA/portable word processor thingy; what I got was not just the cables, but another PDA/word processor thingy. For a dirt cheap price. Really cheap. Better than eating expensive chocolate cheap. So now I have two. I just might put my other one up on eBay and make a nice little profit.

I want Snickerdoodles.
If I had a huge batch of Snickerdoodles, I would eat them for breakfast.
Hence, I will not be making any Snickerdoodles.

He fits inside the new toy.
He was too cute to not share.
Even though him being in there ticks Max off to no end.

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