12 December 2005

Ha Ha I Have This And You Don’t

Ooohyeah. You want this, you know you do.
You can’t have it, it’s mine.
Well, mine and the Spouse Thingy’s.
And it’s one of a kind, so you’re chit outta luck.

Seriously…this is amazing. Look at the detail here and here. See the soda can? I put that next to it so you could see the clock to scale. The enormity of it. The incredible jaw dropping awe of it. All that detail, that was done by hand. Painstakingly, carefully, patiently done by hand.

My father-in-law made it, and he gave it to us.

Yeah, I am overwhelmed and all a-twitter. Yes, I said a-twitter. ‘Cause sometimes a-twitter is the only way to explain a feeling. All the millions of hours and the beauty of it, and he gave it to us.

It’s on top of the entertainment center, where Buddah and Max do not go. It’s too high for them to jump, and we’re careful to not leave anything near it that might give them a platform. We let them both sniff it, then pointed and said “you go near this again and you die” and they seemed to agree to the terms.

Buddah will settle for having the Christmas tree to climb instead. So I suppose we need to put the tree up soon.

But…yeah…admire and drool.

You know I’m going to sit in the living room tonight and watch my clock…

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kenju said...

I am SO glad you sent the link to this post. That clock is magnificent and the detail is unbelievable! What a craftsman he was.

How on earth do you dust in all the crevices?