Ask a 10 year old about Santa and religion, and you get an answer…

Alright. There was this guy named Nicholas in Turkey and his parents were very very very rich and they always used to give tons of stuff to poor people. Then his parents died and even though he was still little he used the money they left him to keep on giving to poor people. The government must not have liked that because they threw him in jail. After he died he became Saint Nicholas.

People remembered how generous he was and celebrated his life and death by giving gifts to each other. In some parts of the world Saint Nicholas is known as Sinter Klaus which is Santa Claus in English. Saint Nicholas’s Day is actually on December 6th, but since we like to keep Santa Claus as a part of Christmas, here we have Santa give presents on Christmas Eve.

So that’s how doing the Santa thing is okay for religious people. Because Saint Nicholas was a real person who shared his wealth, and it’s not just fun it’s a religious principal. And it makes it fun for people who aren’t religious, because Santa is just cool. I think Jesus likes Saint Nicholas just fine.

I think he explained it better than they did on 7th Heaven

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