There are some things you just don’t question.

For instance…my weight has not really changed. My measurements have not really changed (well, my boobs are smaller. Go figure.) Yet I tried on a pair of jeans that I’ve had hanging in the closet for about 4 years (yep, in two different states) that I couldn’t get into before (brand new, not sure why I bought them), and now they fit. Comfortably. So I’m going to wear them until they’re so dirty them walk away all by themselves, because after I wash them they may not fit anymore.

And there’s the running thing. I have friends who run. They do 5K and 10K races, and the occasional marathon. I’ve always thought they were nuts. I mean, running? Without someone chasing them? To what purpose? But here I am, walking the track and thinking “I’d like to be able to run.” Or just jog. In a circle, going nowhere. Just jog. I can now walk 4.5 miles in roughly an hour, and it feels like jogging is the next step.

However…there’s also the heart rate monitor. I know what my target range is and what my max is supposed to be (well, my 60% rate) and when I try to run, my heart rate goes considerably above that. So I back off…but I wanna. I have no idea why, but I wanna.

And in no relation to anything else, I’ve sucked down the equivalent of about a 12 pack since 4 p.m. Diet soda, not beer. All hail the wearing off of the DDAVP early. All that liquid leaves no room for snacks.

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