The countdown is on…just about everything is in motion to get us out of here and back to CA. The Spouse Thingy has a huge list of places to go and things to do on base so that he can officially leave here the day we want to, and he’s gone to a great many of those places and done a great deal of the things on the list.

Arrangements have been made for someone to pick up my car and take it to CA for us, dropping it off at the in-laws, so they can play with it before we get there (um, yeah, it’ll need gas before really going anywhere…) Yes, when it came right down to it, I really didn’t want to get rid of my little red toy. We had decided to sell it, but then a couple of weeks later realized we’d done nothing to sell it and took that as a sign that we really didn’t want to.

The packers are set to come the 6th and 7th and the truck to carry off everything we own gets here on the 8th. I’ve heard horror stories about peoples’ entire household goods falling off the side of a ship before, but since ours isn’t going over water, I suppose we only need to worry about it toppling over the side of a mountain. Since there’s nothing really irreplaceable and it’s insured, I don’t think I’d go ballistic if that happened. Hey, I could buy new stuff!

Well… I wouldn’t want the truck driver to go over the edge with all our crap. That would kinda ruin everyone’s week, I think.

We clean the house (yes, hear me crying at the thought…though it’s not too bad thistime around) on the 9th and 10th, sign out on the 11th, but can’t leave until the 12th because Monday the 11th is a holiday, and for some reason they’re giving people the day off and no one will be there to officially sign the Spouse Thingy out. Like, what’s more important? Columbus day off, or letting us leave??? Don’t answer that.

We bought a spiffy plug-in-the-lighter-socket cooler for the trip…we can take a few sodas with us, but mostly it’s for keeping my meds that need to stay cool…well, cool. Would be funny if we get slammed for a random car search somewhere, and here I have all these nifty drugs. Including some very expired pain medication left over from my surgery two years ago that I never even opened. I figure we better take that with us instead of tempting the packers.

We found (thanks to Teahater) a new carrier for the PsychoKitty, it should arrive before we leave (I hope, anyway.)

Spouse Thingy has a job lined up.

About the only thing not arranged is a place to live when we get out there. And with our luck, everything will so smoothly until we get there, and we won’t be able to find anything to rent. In that case, we’ll move in with the Boy. He’ll be thrilled.


Just 3 more weeks!

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