Brrrrrr…And Other Things To Cross My Mind

Right now, I am really grateful to not be in North Dakota. While it was a wonderful place to live, with lots to do and with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, right now it’s freaking cold there. Not just your garden variety chilly…according to the weather lady on channel 2, it’s 21 degrees below zero. That’s not the wind chill, that’s the actual temp. –21F. That’s nipple-puckering, nose-hair-freezing cold. Kind of makes me happy with out 25 degrees and falling…

It occurred to me last night, just in that moment before falling asleep, that I have memories that are almost 40 years old. I can remember bits and pieces of my life from four decades ago. That was a depressing way to fall asleep.

And of falling asleep…I have had the funkiest dreams for the last couple of months. Mostly I’ve been dreaming of alien invasions on one scale or another; either there’s this mass of incoming alien ships blackening the sky, or just a few wayward sentient non-humans poking around. Now, I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction lately, but these dreams started before I picked up the first sci-fi book. Now, it would be nice if I were some kind of hero in these dreams, but mostly I herd kids into buildings and then stare out a window as alien ships zoom in to land.

All the ships look like stealth fighters…that’s gotta mean something. Right?

Maybe it all just means I’m think of OH as a land of aliens and I’m ready to go home. Or maybe I think of CA as a land of aliens, and I’m ready to go back to my people. Either way, now that we’ve decided (and I doubt we’ll change our minds, not unless the hospital out here dangles an outrageous amount of money in front of the Spouse Thingy), we’re ready to just go. The Spouse Thingy was thinking that as he was scraping ice off his truck in the freezing cold yesterday morning—he’d retire today if he could. I’ve had the impulse to start going through accumulated crap and get rid of stuff we really don’t need. I want to clean out the garage, but it’s just too cold right now. I want to clean out closets, but want is as far as I’m getting with that. I might want to, but I’m still too lazy to.

Ok, so I’m glad I’m not in ND right now. But I’m still cold.

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