The Things I Learned This Week

That when you own a business in Ohio, they expect you to file a sales tax return, even if you had no taxable activity. There may be penalties.

Brushing a cat’s teeth takes 2 people, but after just 2 weeks its teeth will be brighter and shinier, but he won’t appreciate the effort.

That’s it’s very easy to think of all the reasons to go home, and difficult to think of any reason not to.

Hiding your head under the pillow doesn’t fool the cat. He knows where your face is and can still get to it.

I can suck down a 12 pack of Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew in less than 3 hours, if my medication has worn off.

The cat knows where the warmest spot in the house is, and will stay there even when he knows he is being looked for.

Ten months seems like a long time.

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