We spent New Years’ Eve with friends from the neighborhood, plus the Boy and his Significantly Better Half. We started out at a Greek Deli and after dinner we met at the neighbor-next-door’s house—ostensibly to play games, but the drinking commenced early, and we never really got around to it. It was nice, just sitting around and talking…the subject of how unusual this neighborhood seems to be was brought up, and we all agreed, this was one of the better places we’ve all lived, and mostly because of the people. It’s nice to live someplace where you know most of your neighbors, like hanging around with them, and know you’ll miss it terribly when people start to move (which will start this summer, as the first of us who got here right about the same time is PCSing out.)

Curt and Jaq left around 10 to come back here and order pizza—they were pretty tolerable of all the old people and spending NYE with strangers, and the Spouse Thingy and I came home at 11:45. Everyone else stayed next door to watch the ball drop and to ring in the New Year together, but we wanted to usher in 2004 with the kids.

They’re leaving in 9 days…cripes, we’re going to miss them.

But, they’re here for now, and having them here is a terrific way to start the year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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