Things That Call Out In The Middle Of The Night

Every once in a while, when I can’t sleep, I watch infomercials. It’s a good thing that I’m upstairs in bed, and my wallet and the phone are elsewhere, because at 2 a.m. the dorkiest things suddenly inspire “Ooooh…I want that…” I’ve resisted, but not because of some personal tripumph on my part; I resist because I’m too lazy to get up and get a phone and a credit card out of my wallet.

Ok, I did get the Tae Bo video tapes…but I bought those in a store, when I was fully awake, and had contemplated the purchase for a long time. And having spent some time training in a martial art, it made sense—for me it was a familiar and fun way to work out. I till think so.

The last couple of years, I’ve hit on those late night infomercials with Tony Little demonstrating his Gazelle Glider and my reaction is almost always Oooooh. I want. Really want. It looks like fun…

I caved today. Totally caved.

WalMart had the entry level Gazelle for about $80, so I bought it. The Spouse Thingy assembled it, and in the living room it sits, waiting for me to climb on and start moving.

Yep, I just have to start using it.

As soon as my dinner settles.


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