Wuss redux

Ok, I didn’t weenie out. I went to my appointment at the endocrinology clinic and let them stick a couple of IVs in me. It wasn’t too bad—Spouse Thingy came down from the OR armed with Lidocaine, and was able to numb the site where the IVs were going. That was going to be the worst of it, I think, though they expected me to really feel like crap after being injected with the insulin.

The problem is, I seem to be insulin resistant. After the insulin went in it was expected that after 30 minutes my blood sugar would be down in the high 30s. It only went down to 55. They put a little more in… and it went up [insert rolling of eyes]. One more addition of insulin—the last, if that didn’t work I was going to have to reschedule and have all of that amount injected up front—and after 10-15 minutes I hit 44, and stayed there. I never did get as low as they hoped, but probably low enough to suit the needs of the test.

I also never did get as symptomatic as they would have liked, either. Didn’t get nauseous, jittery, clammy… I felt a little warm and for about 3 minutes felt sort of irritated, but that was it.

Then there was this little problem with trying to take blood out of me. For some reason my body just does not want to let go of its blood. I really made that nurse (well, 2 nurses, actually) work for it. Nice nurse that she was, she had a box of mini-donuts waiting for me, so that as soon as they got the blood they needed with my blood sugar way down, I would have something sugary to push it back up. That and a Mountain Dew (I brought a grape soda, but it was warm by then.) Now, she musta been psychic, cause she brought my favorite mini-donuts, and I really like Mt. Dew.

I blew my diet all to hell today, but for a box of mini-donuts, it was worth it. I only had a few when I was there but I got to take the whole box home. Yay.

Now I wait. It’ll probably be a week or two before the results are in.
So keep your fingers crossed.
This is one test I want to fail.

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